I thought my blogging about the very painful events surrounding my wife’s heart attack were over.  She’s been home for one week; she looks great and feels better each day and I feel grateful and relieved. I went back to writing about trivia, world events, Elvis and whatever crossed my mind to write about. Yet, I knew there was more to be said and an obligation to say it. Today clarified those obligations.

Today we finished up two days of testing Amy’s recovering heart and held a long “heart to heart” with her cardiologist. This warm, caring, intelligent doctor should not go unnamed. He is Doctor Sarabjeet “Chhabra” Singh. Dr. Singh was a fellow and cardiologist at Chicago Medical School and then a fellow in interventional cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA school of Medicine in L.A. Luckily for us, he joined the staff of Central Cardiology in Bakersfield just over a year ago. Today he gave Amy and me some cold hard facts. Everyone needs to know these facts.

One out of three women dies from heart disease. That’s more than all the deaths from the different cancers combined.  Men have more heart attacks than women but when women have heart attacks they die more often. Women, like Amy, seldom are revived from cardiac arrest. It seems the American Heart Association has NOT been getting the word out about the fact that so many women do not show early warning signs of heart problems, like men.

The “GO RED FOR WOMEN” movement is trying to reach out in every community and ask women to join this free organization. You will get the tools, skills and inspiration you need to protect your heart.

Locally there will be a “GO RED” luncheon and a Macy’s sponsored Fashion Show at the Marriott Convention Center Hotel on Thursday, February 7.

Doctor Singh wants Amy to be an informed American Heart Association spokesperson and MODEL on that day. She has agreed.  I invite every woman within driving distance of Bakersfield to join Amy and the American Heart Association to GO RED. Wear RED on Feb. 1. On February 7, join Amy as she glides down the runway (hopefully unlike Carrie Bradshaw) at the Macy’s fashion show at the GO RED luncheon at the Marriott.

Go Red luncheon

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2 Responses to HEART TO HEART

  1. fiddlrts says:

    I’m rather partial to a red dress. I’m sure she will look fabulous!

  2. CarolineCello says:

    Amy is one tough broad! She is an inspiration to us all.

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