2040 Enhanced Olympiad

This may be the only way to go in the future. The “new rules” will only disallow any doping or gene doping that disrupts the “spirit” of the particular sport. For instance, archery and shooting require an athlete to control their nerves, so no beta blockers allowed that would reduce tremors or nervousness.  But if you’re running, lifting weights or pedaling a bike, use your knowledge to do whatever it takes to go faster, lift more, etc.

Lance Armstrong, Marion Davis, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens never failed a drug test. Armstrong was tested over a thousand times. Snitching was the only thing that busted them.  There are hundreds still doping who will never be caught. Who cares what these fools want to do to their bodies?  We’re getting closer and closer to the absolute maximum “records” the human body can achieve.  There has already been legal doping going on for years; athletes have been using altitude chambers to train in which gives them more oxygen capacity (like EPO).  What about this guy; is this enhancing the human body?


We are now using drugs to allow students to perform better on tests; we are calming youngsters with drugs.                                                                                                                          The human genome can be sequenced for a single human for a few thousand dollars and will be a few hundred bucks in less than a decade.  We can turn genes on and off.  We will be able to enhance genes that cause faster acceleration or develop more muscle mass.  How can we make that illegal?

I predict the only way that athletic records can be broken in the future will be by enhanced athletic bodies using knowledge of gene therapy and drugs.

What do I care?  I won’t be around to witness the new freak show anyway, but running the 100m in 8 seconds will still fill stadiums.

Maybe by then they will find a way to not have acne-scarred backs and raisin-sized testicles.


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