My Kits can Whip your Fennecs

I saw a couple of cute Kit Foxes today. They poor little guys have been driven out of their natural habitat by us humans.  Well, actually they haven’t left; they just try to survive alongside of us. They’ll dig a little den in a patch of grass right next to a shopping mall. Here’s a picture of a Kit Fox:

kit fox

A few hours later today,  I’m reading a blog from a friend in Morocco who reads my blog. She was riding a camel yesterday in the Sahara and came across a Fennec Fox. He’s about the same size as my Kit Fox and survives in the desert by building his den in the sand. He eats insects, small mammals, and birds. She included this  picture of the Fennec Fox:

Fennec Fox

Our little local  Kit Foxes are on the endangered list and there were less than 7000 of them 20 years ago. They are doing a little better but the lack of habitat has created a 75% mortality rate among new born. This species we see here in Kern County is actually the San Joaquin Kit Fox; the Southern California Kit Fox became extinct in 1913.

The Fennec Fox gets more respect. It is the National Animal of Algeria. In fact, they are the nickname for the Algerian National Football Team.  They are called “Les Fennecs.”

Maybe we can change the name of our Cal State Bakersfield Roadrunners to “The Kits.”

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One Response to My Kits can Whip your Fennecs

  1. Mary says:

    There was an oil guy in Bakersfield that brought back some of the Fennec Foxes after he was in Saudia Arabia for awhile. Wish I could remember more than that about the story, but alas that is all my cold ridden head can remember right now.

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