Several Big Questions

I have questions. I need answers. Maybe you can help me. I’m serious. These are very different scenarios but that’s how my brain works. Sorry.  So help me out, please.

QUESTION #1                                                                                                                                      BP was just convicted of manslaughter, felony obstruction and two misdemeanors. They pled GUILTY on all counts. They got fined over 4 billion dollars. Why no jail time?  I thought our highest court has concluded that corporations are people. Shouldn’t the CEO and other officers be held responsible?

oil spill bird

 Likewise for many Wall Street Banks, who paid off the SEC, and  gambled away 30 trillion bucks of the world economy. Five Big banks have just pleaded guilty to systematic mortgage fraud and fined 25 billion dollars.  Corporations are people; why no jail time?

fatcat banker


Here’s a question for you Catholics. Thousands of priests all over the world have committed pedophilia. Thousands have and are presently engaged in homosexual relationships. Thousands have and are engaged in heterosexual relationships. Even when I was in grade school, one of the parish priests was carrying on an affair with a local female parishioner. Catholics believe that priests have the power to turn bread and wine into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ. They believe that priests have the power to grant absolution for sins and bless the dying. What about those aforementioned villains above? Can pedophiles perform Transubstantiation? Can priests, carrying on affairs, perform Confirmations and other Sacraments? If you think not, then millions of church-going folks have not been getting the goods they think they’re getting when they stick out their tongues. Was Uncle Willy’s Extreme Unction invalid?  Is Uncle Willy in a different place than you think?

priest in handcuffs


Now a question about GMOs; genetically modified organisms. They are BANNED in Europe. They have to be LABELED in China. Yet in the USA, only one state tried to pass a labeling bill and it was defeated.  Why? Do all you folks who voted NOT to label GMO food believe in the holy corporations of Monsanto and Cargill? Are they safe?  Hell, I don’t know but I’d sure like to have the right to decide what to put in my body. I can choose labeled organic fruits and vegetables. So, if you think they are safe, what’s the deal with this sudden epidemic of Gluten intolerance? What’s that about? Could the genetically modified wheat be causing that?What we do know is that rats have their problem with GMOs!



Final Question: Who will win the Super Bowl? It better be my San Francisco 49rs!!!


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One Response to Several Big Questions

  1. Mary says:

    And my fear is that most people are more informed and concerned with question number four than all the rest combined. I cry.

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