Verizon Highway

I “googled” the Verizon Highway system to drive to San Francisco. They own the Hwy 58 (Rosedale Hwy) to the I-5N. Going on there system is 278 miles to the airport. However, AT&T owns the 99N to AC120 to 205W to 580W to 880 to 92 to 101. That way is 297 miles but it’s two cents a mile cheaper.

How would you feel if we privatized the roads and had to choose different systems to pay our road toll?


Verizon High Speed Internet

Verizon High Speed Internet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I 80 sign

Who owns the roads now?  We do, we are the government.                                                       Who owns the airwaves?  We do, we are the government. We, the government have sold the rights to many  corporations so they can broadcast music, news, television and reach the public with their advertising. They all operate on different frequencies. That’s cool.

What about the internet? Who owns the frequencies that allows wireless internet?  We do, we are the government. Yet, we have allowed our airwaves to be privatized and piratized. It is time to take back our airwaves and allow every citizen full and equal access to powerful wireless signals and cell phone access.

The average package of internet service, phone service and wireless is over $150 per month in the USA. So, the whole world of knowledge and access is only available to those who can afford it. I know you hate to hear about other countries, since we are so great at everything, but it doesn’t hurt to just listen a minute. I’m not going to talk about health care and how every civilized country in the world have better results from their health care system at half our costs…no, I’m not going to talk about that.

But what about the fact that our wireless internet in this country operates at a speed that makes us 29th in the world…yeah, right behind Bulgaria. As far as speed, the wireless system in France, that every citizen has access to, is 20 times faster than ours.  I repeat…20x faster. The cost to the French citizen is $38.00 per month.

If we had access to the internet for every citizen, our economic growth would be enormous. The entrepreneurial growth of products and services would also be amazing. Why should we allow a high-priced monopolized infrastructure to choke our economic status?

The FCC is finally proposing such an infrastructure. YEA!

Oh, is this going to be just like the GMO labeling? Is this another drill, baby, drill moment? Are the big corporations and their bankroll going to win again? Do you really like paying that blood money to AT&T that much?

Can you be bought off again?


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One Response to Verizon Highway

  1. Mary says:

    So true. We are selling ourselves out to big business as it is the American Way.

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