While America watched, the cop killer got killed by the cops. Alec Baldwin announced his wife was pregnant.

Alec Baldwin and wife

 While America watched, President Obama gave the State of the Union speech.  Lady Gaga announced she was in too much pain to perform at the next four concerts.

Lady Gaga

 While America watched, North Korea conducted a third nuclear test. Gio Gonzalez announced at spring baseball camp that he had not used performance enhancing drugs.

Gio Gonzales

 While America watched, the pope quit. Iowa, Louisiana announced the 34th annual chicken run would take place in the rain because it was, after all, the Mardi Gras.

chicken run

 While America watched, the stock market was approaching an all-time record for the Standard & Poors (S&P) Index. The Montgomery police announced they were charging three National Champion Alabama football players with knocking students unconscious and stealing their wallets.


 I can’t wait till tomorrow.



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