Ebert Essays

Friday I filled this blog with some memorable movie quotes in honor of the passing of Roger Ebert. He left us something incredible and if you are a movie lover then the list below is for you. Roger left his “Greatest Movies Essays” and they can be found at: rogerebert.com

The list has been floating around the internet and if you’re a movie bug like me, copy this and keep it in document file. If you hold your arrow over one of the titles, you can hit “control” and “left click” your mouse. The essay on that move will pop up and Roger’s well-written words are a thrill to read.

I have most of these movies in my “queue” on Netflix, so I hope I can re-watch most of them in time. Thanks to my friend, Derek Sivers, the list is alphabetized and ready to use.


Cover of

Cover of The Great Movies

Roger Ebert’s “The Great Movies” essays



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  1. thankyou for filling my mundane Monday with the wonders that are Ebert essays!

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