Beware the Pricker

Yes, there is terror all around us. I sincerely believe there are many more mentally unstable people than evil terrorists. I can’t prove that, but it seems more innocent people are being killed in senseless violence by paranoid insane folks that follow up their violent act by taking their own life. Sometimes, thankfully, they only take their own life before they do others harm. Such was the case in Costa Mesa.

So, a day before the senseless bombing in Boston happened, a bomb exploded in my old neighborhood in Orange County killing only the bomb maker. The 52 year old man, Keith Harris, who lived there alone, was described by his family members as a brilliant and gentle person and they were shocked to find his home full of explosives and weaponry. His 82 year-old mother, living in Nevada, said he had been diagnosed with a mental disorder. His brother told police that Keith Harris was the youngest of five boys, and even though all the other four were high achievers (pharmacist, professor, etc), he thought Keith was the smartest of the lot.

Here is a picture of his tin-foil covered garage:

Mesa Verde


The home of the bomb maker was also covered in foil, but hidden from the street by trees and tall bushes. Police were called to the home early last Sunday evening with the report of a man down. When they arrived, Harris was lying in his yard, but when he saw the police, he jumped up, told them he was fine and ran into the house. Two hours later there was a huge explosion and police found Harris dead inside his house. Three more explosive devices were found and detonated safely.

Also found inside the bombed-out house was a 17,000 word essay by Harris, titled, “The Pricker.” It was subtitled, “A True Story of Assassination, Terrorism and High Treason” and it included references to aliens, O.J. Simpson, the U.S. Government and “the pricker.” The author describes the pricker as “an assassin’s weapon that deposits biological agents into a victim’s skin, on contact, without their knowledge.” The essay claims the government was behind the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson, John Lennon, Bobby Hatfield (Righteous Brother singer) and the 9/11 attacks.

The neighbors said that Harris posted messages on a tree at the edge of his yard and changed them weekly from cryptic notes to his essay. Late last Saturday, Harris posted his final note on the tree. It read, “For your information: My introspection and my adversaries’ behavior have convinced me that electronic mind reading is now a reality.”

Sadly, the only good news is that Harris just blew himself up and not innocent people.

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4 Responses to Beware the Pricker

  1. Ah yes! The pricker was used to inject ricin into some Russian guy.

  2. Mary says:

    Yeah, I was thinking about our homegrown nut jobs when I heard about Boston. Every society has them.

  3. fiddlrts says:

    As a general rule, I would say that one might want to take a closer look at anyone with tinfoil on their garage door…

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