Daft Punk Sets Record with Spotify with Get Lucky

Every once in a while a headline or even a sentence will grab me and force a smile. The headline above probably speaks clearly to a portion of you. Some of you have no idea what those words mean and certainly aren’t interested with the word “punk” in a headline. I feel that way most of the time, but I remembered that name, Daft Punk, from a few years back. I didn’t see the movie, Tron:Legacy, but I do remember the music and it was very cool. This duo had received a Grammy back in 2009 and I forgot about them. Here’s a pic of that French duo, Daft Punk, arriving at the premier of Tron:Legacy, 2010.

Deft PunkSpotify, which was started by a Swedish company in 2008, has become a huge player in the streaming music genre. They have over 26 million users of which 6 million pay a monthly fee for unlimited streaming and no advertising. They have well over 20 million tunes in their library, and you can make your own play lists. 

So, they announced that Daft Punk had the most streaming hits/plays ever with their new single, “Get Lucky.” I couldn’t resist, so I gave it a listen.

Let me say, I’m not a fan of “dance music.”  I can listen to about three songs and I’m suddenly whisked back to the dreaded disco-ball days of the ‘70s, and I certainly don’t want to go there.

This song was different right from the great lead-in. It starts out like a Bee-Gee’s tune, adds a fat bass line pumping, and then the lead singers add some great harmony and sounds.  Here’s a radio recording below uploaded to YouTube.  While you’re at it, try something. What does your body want to do?  Here’s how mine reacts.

When I go to a symphony concert, my body stays on alert; I don’t tap my feet, nod my head but focus on the intricate blend of the instruments, the changing time signatures, the feelings, emotions or maybe the whimsy of the composer. At a jazz concert I usually nod my head forward in time; listening to blues makes my foot tap in time. Rock concerts always make my jaw jut forward with the beat (long ago there was also grinding, clapping, jumping and holding lighters in the air). When I listen to R&B, and especially a mix like Daft Punk does with the electronic dance music throbbing, my head and feet go and I feel my shoulders aching to move along also.



btw, spoiler alert:  When the song is fading out, the electronically enhanced voices are saying, “We stay up all night to get lucky.”  I know, I know, you’re going to swear they are saying, “We’ll rob a Mexican monkey.”

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