Global Stats Spin My Head

I have a friend who writes a thrice weekly newspaper column. He’s a wonderful writer closing in on three decades of writing smart, sometimes humorous, and always efficient sentences. He could have written that last sentence of mine in half the words and got to the point quicker. When I started blogging 16 months ago, he gave me some inside advice. He told me he always writes his column to one man…just one man. He even told me who the man is and I happen to know him too. The advice made sense.

So, I started out writing to my buddy, George, who I was already exchanging emails with. My emails to George usually were 3 or 4 pages long full of ranting and raving about the crooks on Wall Street, the manipulated stock market or the idiots in Washington.  George and I don’t always agree on everything but we do agree that just about everybody is a crook except me and him.

I vowed to stay away from the topics of politics or religion in my blog, and I’ve come fairly close to keeping that commitment. However, I started drifting away from using my “secret reader” George as my writing target. (Don’t hate me George) For a period of months I would write to my mid-west son the professor, or my south-east son the entrepreneur. I thought of them as my target audience. Then I started noticing I had readers from India, England and France and thought I should write more local history things using them as a target…and I did that for a while.

Word Press is a remarkable blogging site; they have so many tools and easy tutorials that make it easy to upload video or pictures or links. They also have statistics. They have statistics on your statistics.

Yesterday, I learned how to dig deeper into the statistics and was floored. I clicked on who has visited my blog in the past seven days and Word Press showed me that folks from 18 different countries had read my blog. Wow! I dug deeper and since the beginning of 2013, I have been read by people from 80 different countries. Now that is mind-blowing.  I had no idea.

 I’ve been following blogs in France, India, Canada, Australia and Belgium. Each of these blogs is different and catchy and have become just like my morning paper. Now I may be someone’s morning paper in their country.

man reading newsI never have thought about a “global” readership, but each of these 80 countries I want to visit, learn about their culture, eat their food, make their friendship and write about them. It’s pretty cool that Word Press also lists each little national flag next to the country and the number of reads they did; reminds me of the flags waving as they pour into the Olympic stadiums.

So thanks to my global friends for spending a few minutes with me a couple times a week.  I would like to pass along some interesting tidbits about a few of the countries I had to look on the map to find.

Hello Mauritius,Mauritius Flag

I’m happy to see that you, like the USA, became an independent state as a Commonwealth but not until 1968. And as of 1992, you have become a republic inside your Commonwealth state. I understand that the extinct DoDo bird only inhabited your island. Most Mauritians are multi-lingual in English, French, Creole and many Asian languages. You are very young geologically, as the island was formed from volcanic activity just 8 million years ago. So, welcome to my blog, whoever you are dear Mauritian reader and I hope we can meet someday.

Hello Latvia,

Latvia Flagit’s a pleasure to have Baltic people read my blog. I didn’t follow up on Baltic history when I was younger because they put Baltic Avenue in a poor area on the Monopoly board. Yet, I understand your country has been performing with good economic growth and maybe you guys can show the EU how it is done. If I visit your fair country, I probably should stay near the Western coast where your summers are cool and your winters are mild. I read that South-Eastern Latvia has recorded the coldest and hottest temperatures ever…that’s brutal. I’m going to drop you down my visitation list just a tad.

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13 Responses to Global Stats Spin My Head

  1. Davyd says:

    Thank you for reminding me of the big (global reach of the internet) and the small writing to just one person).

  2. Dan, I enjoyed this piece, smiling in many places, and had to read it aloud so others could also enjoy it. I like the “one person” idea, too. The flag feature is available on Blogger, too, and I’m always amazed and a bit humbled when I see where some of my readership is from. Thanks for your illuminating post. xoA.

  3. Mark Fisher says:

    All I ever see on Blogger is that someone in Russia seems to visit my blog.

  4. Iola Reneau says:

    I enjoyed your post but now I have to go to my word press blog and check out who, where and when. So cool. Thank’s for sharing.

    • bakoheat says:

      Thanks for writing. When you are signed in to your site, go to Dashboard and click on “Site Stats”…then look to the top of the page and it will encourage you to click on another “stats” site. When you are on that site, you will see the stats on the left about who read you yesterday or today. To the right of that column is a clickable word “summaries.” That’s where you’ll get the amazing stuff from countries who have hit on your site.

  5. I too enjoy seeing that there are people from countries i have never been too reading my blog. I also had people from france, india, england and italy reading my novels. It’s exciting!

  6. Terry Redman says:

    for the good observer his little patch of earth is the whole world because what he sees in universal. now that I am blogging it’s more fun to read what others have written. This morning I ended my journal by saying I need to blog there more often. journal smshournal.
    Always fun to read what you write. Terry

  7. Dennis says:

    Your suggestion to write to only one person is excellent advice. That’s how I overcame my reluctance to keep a journal and eventually got into writing.

    I agree that WordPress is a remarkable blogging site. I’m only just beginning to explore its resources.

    • bakoheat says:

      Dennis, really enjoyed your blog…couldn’t find a comment place but I especially liked hearing about “William.” I gained a step-son when he was 8, and I though I was the worse possible influence he could have. 25 years later he told me what a wonderful influence I was. It took a weight off I had carried for years.

  8. Mandy says:

    Writing to one person helps me keep a conversational tone. What a great idea to vary the person that you’re writing to.

  9. Miguel says:

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for providing this info.

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