On Top of the News

Not only do I try to find out what’s going on in the world, I try to interpret cause and effect. We are, after all, a cause and effect animal. Everything that happens we try to blame it on something, anything… usually God. As Daniel Kahneman states, “Humans are creatures of causality. We are pattern seekers, believers in a coherent world, in which regularities appear not by accident but as a result of mechanical causality or of someone’s intention.”

I will probably spend many blog posts dealing with that subject; I love how my friends point to how and why things happen.

So…since I’m supposed to be a “human causality” seeker, I shall seek out underlying reasons for stories in the news.

Today, Tuesday, I read that Queen Beatrice has abdicated her throne in the Netherlands. I’m guessing, after things cool down, she and the other quitter, Benedict, will run off together. It would be so cool if an ex-pope and an ex-queen hooked up. I’ll keep following up on that story and let you know.

While I was doing my detective work on Queen Beatrice, I was fascinated that as the tens of thousands of citizens watched the ex-Queen present her son, the new King, they all wore orange inflatable crowns handed out free by the National Lottery…very cool.

Koninginnedag was bigger than usual this year.However the Netherlands royalty do not wear crowns but there is one ready and waiting. It was made in 1840 out of gold-plated silver and contains fake jewels and pearls made out of fish scales, glass and colored foil…yes!


The Dutch crown

Before you feel sorry for the skimpy fish-scales crown, do know that the royal family lives in a country one third the size of Spain but receive 4 times more money then the Spanish royalty.  They are ¼ the size of Britain and get more Euro’s then the royal family of Britain…it’s a good gig.

Continuing my detective work I also found that the royal family of the Netherlands has a habit of marrying “undesirables.” In 1966, Queen Beatrix married a German guy who had been a member of the Hitler Youth movement, (uh-huh…just like ex-pope Benedict) and that infuriated the country that had been occupied by Germany 20 years earlier. There were huge marches and smoke bombs were thrown, but eventually, everyone got over it and have warmly embraced her husband, Prince Klaus-Georg.

The new King, Willem-Alexander, is married to an Argentinian beauty whose father had been in the ministry of the dictator, Videla. They kept the father away from the marriage ceremony and again the Dutch public has adored her, the new Queen Maxima. (isn’t that a Nissan?)

By the way, the new royal couple sends their children to state schools, and the new Queen Maxima is registered at the school as “lice mother.” She is responsible for checking the children’s heads…another good gig!

Oh, it even gets weirder…today, as I write this, April 30 is a crazy Dutch national Holiday . As of today, the name is changed from Queen’s day to King’s day (Koningsdag) and they give every citizen the right to sell whatever they want wherever they want to sell it. Today the entire country becomes one Giant Flea market. (Kind of like Bakersfield any day of the week)



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7 Responses to On Top of the News

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    I was intrigued by your Benedict/Beatrice theory… I’m sure you’ll be able to track down more evidence for this… But I remain stunned and amazed at the new queen being the lice mother… The Dutch are amazing.

    • bakoheat says:

      In reality, which I don’t visit often, the Dutch Queens abdicate as a general policy. This is the third queen in a row to turn things over to the younger generation. Maybe England could learn something there. Thanks for writing Mark.

  2. fiddlrts says:

    I might note that membership in the Hitler Youth wasn’t exactly “voluntary” as we use the term. A child particularly would not have had a lot of choice…

    Ditto for the various Stalinist youth organizations.

    I love the Beatrice/Benedick(t) connection. I’m stealing it.

  3. joanraymondwriting says:

    Not trying to be “nit-picky” (pun intended), but is Lice Mother a respected title? I don’t think I’d put my name on the ballot for that one.

    Thanks for the interesting historical information. I’ll be watching your blog for updates on the Beatrice/Benedict connection.

  4. Davyd Morris says:

    I was going to point out the Dutch tradition of aged monarchs abdicating, but I see you already in a reply. Perhaps its where Benny got his inspiration (though he’d never admit following a Protestant example) since it had centuries since a Bishop of Rome exited the scene with a pulse.

  5. Anna Stewart says:

    Well, you made me laugh and gave me disturbing thoughts re: Beatrice/Benedict. And I learned a surprising lot about the Netherlands royalty. Can I have you deliver all my world news? I’d enjoy it ever so much more. 🙂

    • bakoheat says:

      Thanks for your comments, Anna. If you depended on me for your world news, you would soon find out the meaning of the word “warped.” However, I will keep at it.

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