What Time You Got?

When somebody asks you that, you normally look at your watch and share the time of day.
wrist watch
I’m asking a more serious question like: How much time do you have left? A percentage of us have already been told; some doctors have already told my friends they have six months to two years. I know a few others who just want to make it to another Christmas.

Most of us are wrapped up in children, careers, relationships, planning, striving, loving, manipulating, hurrying, running, hiding, hating, working out, fitting in, dining, clubbing, driving, shopping, cooking, studying, reading, cleaning, gardening, watching, texting, listening, writing, worrying, or maybe just taking a nap. But, most of us don’t know what time we got? How much is left? Most of us never give it a thought until something changes; a disease, a heart attack, a bad wreck, or maybe just wondering what the hell you’re doing standing in the dining room.
gramps at woodstock
I’ve always thought of life as a baseball game. The other team has lots of offense they’re delivering  at you constantly. They don’t play by any rules so you’re defense has to be good, efficient and damn lucky. Luck wins a lot of games. The other team has guns, drunk drivers, cancer, valley fever, fast food, viruses, nature, germs, and curve balls; a lot of curve balls when you’re looking for a fast one down the middle.

My mom is in the bottom of the 16th. inning with one out and she’s behind 41-40; I know it’s a high scoring game but she’s always come back in each extra inning and tied up the score again. Those 41 runs for the other team were scored by 34 operations, 2 scary car wrecks and five falls. But she would get up to bat, knock it out of the park (with help from a few doctors) and go to the next inning. I’m betting she’ll get into the 17th inning pretty soon.

I’m in the bottom of the ninth, nobody out and nobody on base. It’s a low scoring game; a pitcher’s battle. It’s tied up at one run apiece. Some recent bad choices resulting in carrying too many pounds to the batter’s box and has resulted in a heavy bat swinging way behind the fast balls. I have a chance to correct those mistakes and get into the 10th. inning. I’m planning on playing a long game. I’m hoping the game won’t be called early from a freak thunderstorm.

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks; I don’t care if I ever get back.

PS: The other team always wins, but you can make them battle and work long and hard.


nine full innings

nine full innings (Photo credit: kiddharma)



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7 Responses to What Time You Got?

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    Some lose the ball game way too early and others keep swinging, tiring out the opposing team. My Aunt Lucy will turn 100 in July. She still plays Bridge a few times a week and seems quite healthy. Let’s hope she outwits the opposing team for a few more innings. She’s an encouragement to everyone around her.

  2. Anna Stewart says:

    A sobering question if ever there was one. My mother had a scare not long ago that brought it home to my family just how quickly life and the people in one’s life could be gone. She came back swinging, to use your metaphor, but it’s definitely hard to stop being aware of that unseen ticking time-clock everyone’s got. Personally, I sort of hope I just keel over one day (hopefully many years from now) and never get the answer to your question of “What Time You Got?”

    • bakoheat says:

      I sometimes think about the past and wish for do-overs. Yet, I also know that if I was able to adjust my life backwards just “one second” I would have been t-boned in an intersection at least three or four times. We’re just plain lucky to be kicking and should live every day like it’s our last one.

  3. Mark Fisher says:

    It is all in how you play the game. And have fun doing it.

    • bakoheat says:

      Thanks for replying, Mark. Speaking of having fun, I love a quote from a long-dead Southern Preacher Comedian, Brother Dave Gardiner. “Every night’s a Saturday night and every day is a Sunday. I know I’m wrong, but I’m going to do it one more time.”

  4. Tom Behler says:

    Speaking of comedians, I totally agree with Steven Wright.
    “I intend to live forever….So far, so good”.


    • bakoheat says:

      Hey TB: Don’t get me started on Steven Wright…I love him. Another of his quotes about longevity…” The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.”

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