The greatest commencement address I ever heard was the incredible 2005 Kenyon College commencement address given by David Foster Wallace. It moved me and everyone who has ever read it.
The great creative folks at “The” have taken an excerpt from the speech and made an incredible video production.

If you don’t have nine minutes and twenty-two seconds to watch this, you shouldn’t start it. You will definitely be glued to the screen for nine minutes and twenty-two seconds. And, like the speech did in 2005, it can change your life, if you want it to.


This is Water

David Foster Wallace

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2 Responses to THIS IS WATER!

  1. Davyd Morris says:

    That was as refreshing as…fresh, cool water on a hot summer day. Thank you.

  2. Anna Stewart says:

    That was absolutely FANTASTIC! I need someone to give me that speech every day, help me get my head on straight. Thanks so much for sharing that! 😀

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