Are you creative? Do you try to create things? Paintings, sculptures, poems, novels, music?

I write. I try to create, and then I do create; characters, scenes, plots, twists, humor, love and pain. I know a little about being a writer. I write.

If we keep writing, every day, pushing ourselves, straining our brains for words, staring at blank whiteness, playing solitaire, checking Facebook, email, news, sports scores, writing another hour, eating cookies, walking, writing, eating, sleeping and writing again, sometimes we create things; a novel, short story, poem, a few paragraphs or maybe one great sentence.

My friend writes beautiful tunes with meaningful lyrics; sometimes he searches for the right guitar chord until his blisters have blisters. Another friend paints astounding scenes with acrylics; sometimes she spends days just getting the color blended perfectly for a cloud.

A relative has spent thousands on video cameras, lenses and lighting. Some of his stuff is really good and he might get a short movie shown in a festival this summer. Sometimes he needs to re-shoot certain scenes dozens of times over dozens of days. Like me, he sometimes works all night.

exhausted workerAll of us are creating things; things that nobody needs, nobody has asked for and things that nobody wants. Nobody wants these things until we make them appear, maybe they get liked, and then they are wanted.

Most of us do this because we have to do this. How much leeway do we think we have with our families? How much “acceptance” is allowed for us to create things that nobody needs, asks for, or wants? Most of our friends already know we are a little quirky because we are alone so much and need to be. How much latitude do we have with our friends?

When are creations become wanted, we are no longer strange and distant. When our creations are wanted, we are wanted.

I bet that’s nice. But, I can’t dwell on that silly stuff for long; I need to do some writing tonight.

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One Response to NO NEED

  1. “They” may not think what we do is needed, but they find that it brings them comfort, a smile, an understanding of themselves and others. Thanks, Dan. xoA

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