Baby and Me

I’ve been a no-tvcommercials-guy for many years. The DVRs have changed our viewing habits and forced the advertisers to either get good or get out. I speed through sporting events, skipping commercials and time outs, flying past half time intermissions and even doubling the speed on foul shots (who needs to see a foul shot?) Lately I’ve noticed advertisers have stepped up their game. Now when I speed through a commercial, I sometimes stop and go back because sometime different, maybe bizarre, is happening in a commercial. No, it certainly hasn’t been the lame beer commercials. But water? Yes, water!

Evian has done it again!
I’m not oblivious to the fact that Evian spelled backwards is “naive” and I don’t pay ridiculous prices for water in plastic. But I certainly respect their creative advertising team.

If you haven’t seen “baby and me”  dancing babyplease check this one minute commercial out.  I doubt if you can just watch it once. So, if you like it, there first in this “baby” series is right below it



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4 Responses to Baby and Me

  1. Joan Raymond says:

    I totally agree on the DVR and commercials. I almost wait to watch most shows so I can save time. Watching regular TV and not being able to skip the commercials drives me crazy. I had not seen the “Baby and Me”, and yes that one is worth the minute or so because it makes one feel good. Not like some of the commercials, where you scratch your head and wonder who got paid for that idea and do they still have a job.

  2. Mark Fisher says:

    That was indeed worth a minute. I don’t think it would sell me water, but it might have been a good way of selling that advertising company.

  3. Anna Stewart says:

    No! I refuse! You cannot make me watch commercials! The DVR is my friend! All hail the DVR! Let no commercial pass un-fastforwarded…except maybe the occasional Geico commercial…I admit a special fondness for the one with Paul Revere. 😉

    And, um, yes, the baby commercial is cute…not that I watched it, oh no, not me…lol!

  4. Now, that was adorable. I did go to a few others that YouTube listed. I never see these on television. Thankis for the smiles.

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