The dictionary states that Commencement is the act of commencing, and you all know what a foul odor is.

This past weekend, for the third year in a row, I had another high school graduation of a grandchild.mortar board toss (1)

I believe high-school grad parties beat birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. This is where your child’s child stands on the same platform that you and your child stood. It’s another chance to “get it right.” My generation and my kid’s generation sure screwed things up for this kid and he has to bail himself and us out to. We’ve created man-made disasters of the global economy, quadrupled what it cost to attend college, and forged a couple of generations of people with exaggerated self-esteems, an inability to communicate face-to-face, and a false sense of what true success is. Our species is on a collision course with a huge man-made climate disaster because we have allowed a tiny group of elites to rule us and to lie and deceive us so they can become richer. But this Saturday, I will shine with pride and know there’s hope. My grandson knows all of these truths and knows the things he needs to do and is humble, smart and ready. He will continue to study and gain more knowledge and maturity, search for truth and do the things we are unwilling to do to make this world better, safer, happier and peaceful. Educating our citizens is the single best investment we Americans can make…period.

On July 1st, the interest on student loans will double to 6.8%. On July 1st, Goldman Sachs will still borrow money at 0.0%. Something’s wrong here. The idiots in the House of Representatives just decided to “fix” the student loan problem. Yes, of course they did. The bill they just passed will cost a student more in the next four years in interest than the soon-to-be- doubled-amount of 6.8%. Nice fix-it job, House of Idiots. Explain yourself!!!

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6 Responses to Student COMMENCES – Congress STENCHES

  1. Joan Raymond says:

    Congrats to your grandson!
    I agree about the student loan situation. I really don’t understand the logic, but I guess we’re not supposed to. Just watch it happen and shake our heads wondering who came up with that lame-brain idea.

  2. Davyd Morris says:

    Priorities for our nation are supposed center around making the world a better place for the next generation. A simple thought, a clear goal– why do we fail so often in the execution?

    On another note: When my youngest nephew graduated college, the youngest of three, there was a large party at his house. All went well until he decided to show off his diving skills- a replay for his friends, a first for his mother. Mike’s dive was a cannonball at the end of a short sprint off the tool shed roof into the pool. The crowd cheered, the mother fainted (nearly); yes, he made the deep end, but she still managed to drag all 6’5″ of him out of that pool by his ear…

  3. Sounds like your grandson has a winning combo of ideas and ideals. Congratulations to him and best wishes for his success. xoA

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