Mumbled Jumbled Humbled

I’ve been trying to write something—anything– off and on for two days. How my brain has finally allowed me to sleep through the noise of cars and Harleys on the street (spoiled back home). How the house across the street has a weird “H” frame on both sides of the two street facing windows…and the right window “H” frame is so crooked that the “H” almost forms a “teepee”…wouldn’t you notice that when your nailing it up six or seven inches crooked? About my incredible mom dealing with 98 years of most things in her body not working or hurting and she still makes everyone around her, including her doctors, roar with laughter. Most of these ideas cross my mind like someone mumbling unclearly.

The truth is my brain has been jumbled and my heart has been sad…a pain has been building for a few days and a few minutes ago, I had the dreaded call from my wife. Her sister’s husband, our brother-in-law, has passed away. It was all so sudden and unexpected. We knew the dreaded “Big C” was nibbling away but no idea it would suddenly, angrily, explode and snap its dreaded finger and say, “NOW.”

Gary was a cool guy and a great brother in law. He worshipped his wife. I wish I could have known him longer than the 11 years I did. I had often fantasized about getting him and my brother to share some guitar licks and some country lyrics.  It never happened. My brother hates to fly and I visit him in Indiana instead of him getting out of the snow and ice and visiting me.

Death is a humbling event. I just went to a funeral two weeks ago and the preacher shouted out that “death is a curse but the afterlife is the blessing that soon comes.” Sorry, preacher but I completely disagree with your logic. Death is not a curse. It is the reason we live. Can you imagine how little we would accomplish if we never had to face impending death? Death makes living more valuable and we have to except it is the fate for each of us…it gets closer every day.

Gary loved country music, George Jones and Willy Nelson. That’s why I thought he’d love strumming with my brother. My brother sounds like a George Jones/Willy Nelson clone. As a tribute to Gary, I want to play a song from my brother that I know Gary would have requested for his beautiful wife, Jeanine. This is my brother sitting in front of his little two-track recorder with a drum machine and guitar. He harmonizes with himself and picks real pretty. Please give a listen:

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7 Responses to Mumbled Jumbled Humbled

  1. adinparadise says:

    It’s a lovely song. I enjoyed listening. Thanks for sharing your world today. So sorry about your brother-in-law.

  2. Mary says:

    Beautiful tribute.

  3. Dan, I couldn’t get the song, but I sure loved the words you put down about Gary and about death making life more valuable. My condolences to the family. xoA

  4. Anna Stewart says:

    Very sorry for the loss if your brother in law. It is true though…it’s the endings that give us impetus to make use of the time given us. And your brother has a very nice voice. I enjoyed the song.

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