WARNING:  The following words are an unpaid commercial for Delta Airlines. I recommend them highly.

I’ll explain:

A few months ago, I spent quite a bit of time meandering through the “deals” from Kayak. If you haven’t heard of them, Google “Kayak.”  I needed to book my flight for an extended Indiana visit, book another flight a few weeks later for my wife to join me and then book us together back to California. No big deal. I’ve done it many times before. This year flights are more expensive and seating is tighter. A large percentage of flights have been cancelled and airlines are filling every seat on every flight to make profits. So, getting good deals is harder, and when you get those “good deals” it’s usually a non-changeable, non- cancellable, tough-shit-buster, type of deal. And of course, silly me would never buy flight insurance….what could happen?

Well it did happen… so I needed to return to California early and my wife had to skip her flight entirely. As soon as I got the sorry news about the death in our family I got on the phone to Delta to see what I needed to do. Do you remember the “Lily Tomlin Phone Operator?”  Yeah, I got her. She proceeded to tell me I would have to pay the difference between my original price (cheap) and the present cost of a ticket.  As far as my wife’s ticket…too bad. Yuk! I was spitting nails and yet figured it was my turn to pay the piper because I had been working around the edges of ticket pricing for years. I certainly wasn’t going to write anything nice about Delta airlines today.

Nothing could be finalized until I called back when the funeral arrangements had been made so the airlines could check up on me to see if I was fibbing. Today I called Delta with the arrangements and told this nice lady the whole story.

This time, the Lily Tomlin character was not on the other end. My own Delta angel was though. What a sweetheart! She told me three different times during our conversation how sorry she was for my loss and she would be happy to do whatever it takes to get me back to California whenever I wanted to go. She would waive all charges, except a $10 re-booking fee (big deal) and put me on a non-stop (my regular ticket was a 2-hour layover in Minneapolis) and as far as my wife’s ticket, she would give us a year to re-use that one.

Delta went overboard to service my family and I certainly won’t forget them. I hope you don’t either. Fly Delta!Delta Airlines

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3 Responses to FLY DELTA!

  1. IndianaGeorge says:

    You have a lucky star, Dan!

  2. fiddlrts says:

    I think “profits” might be the wrong way to describe the airline industry, which (other than Southwest) has tended to lose rather than make money since deregulation. On the other hand, on an inflation-adjusted basis, tickets are cheaper than they were in the “golden age.” Everything’s a tradeoff…

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