Being Happy (part two of four)

I asked a lot of questions about Happiness on Monday in my post entitled:  HAPPINESS

I ended by saying that maybe giving up things, instead of obtaining things could produce happiness. Recently I saw a list of 15 things one should strive to give up and it will make our lives much happier. Some of these are very tough to give up (for me, anyway).

Today I will talk about five of these things, Friday five more and then next Monday the final five which are my hardest things to give up for a happier life.

1)           Give up the Past man-looking-in-mirror
I constantly hear folks talk about the “good old days” and how things were simpler, etc., etc. Funny isn’t it, that you didn’t pay much attention to it when it was the present. The past is cosmic dust and only exists as a deluded memory. Be here and now in everything you do and enjoy the present. It doesn’t hurt to look forward with plans but stay present on our journey. That’s what life is about…our journey.

2)Give up complaininggrumpy old man
I know, I know, the political crap, the corporate greed, the wall street crooks, the climate change, your neighbors, your mother-in-law, whatever, seems to make you feel sad or mad and you complain about it. It is never the thing that should be allowed to upset you. We always choose (important word) the emotion we emit. Choose to think positive.

3)Give up Labelinglabeling
If we think somebody or something is weird or different, the ignorant response is to slap a label on someone or something. Notice when you say or think your “label” it isn’t happy feelings flowing through your heart. An open mind is a free-flowing working mind. And a happy one.

4) Give up FearingFear
I don’t need to quote FDR to tell the truth about fear. Fear is one big giant illusion. Some news networks make billions spreading fear. Fear only exists inside our minds. Stop that stuff on the inside and the outside does just fine.

5) Give up the Self-loathingSelf Loathing
You know those talks you have with yourself? What a fat loser you are. What a dummy. What a procrastinator. Give them up. Some of the worst mind damage is caused from negativity. It pollutes your brain with horrible messages. It is self-defeating. The next time you catch yourself talking negative to yourself…smile and hear how awful you’re being to cute little old you.

These five things we need to give up are just the start. We’ll work a few days on thinking about doing these five changes and five more will be coming up on Friday.
Have a wonderful day!

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One Response to Being Happy (part two of four)

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    Such a great way to start off being happy by just giving up the things that make us frustrated or fearful. Easy to say, not as easy to follow through. I think working on each one would produce a better outlook on life – not to mention internal happiness.
    Thanks for a great 1-5 on the list.

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