BEING HAPPY (part 3)

I asked a lot of questions about your happiness  and mine in the first post: Happiness
Then we looked at five things that can give us happiness if we let them go. (Being Happy Part 2)

Here are five more things that will allow more happiness in life if we LET THEM GO.

6) Give up Attachments
A very close friend of mine has had many miserable years because he doesn’t know the difference between “true love” and “attached love.” We’ve talked about it and I know it is difficult to understand the difference, but the two words (love and attachment) are not related. Attachment is always based on fear and love is kind, self-less and fear-less. Love is tolerant, peaceful and serene. It’s takes practice for one’s mind to stay there, but it’s such a happy place.
7) Give up those Excuses
Very seldom is an excuse “real.” We don’t need them. We just need self-improvement and working on always getting better. Excuses limit us. Without them, the sky is the limit.


8) Give up the Blaming
Almost like excuses, isn’t it? But this “blame-game” really gives away our power. We can’t let things or people be our blame-victims. We…only we are responsible for our lives.


9) Give up Self-Limiting Beliefs
Sales training 101. What my mind can conceive, I can achieve. Our brains are wired just for us. Our DNA is our’s alone. We don’t think about becoming or doing things we couldn’t do. I’ve never once thought about becoming a brain surgeon, an electrical engineer or a chemist. If we think we would like to be something or do something it means we can be it, or do it…period. Staying in a rut gains nothing. Spread your wings. Fly!


10) Give up Impressing
It doesn’t make other people like you, and sometimes it makes them dislike you. Trying so hard to be “something” is an energy suck. The minute you remove the mask, and put out the “real-you” people are attracted to you. The cool thing is that being real is effortless.

So, we’ve covered 10 of these “give-it-ups” and hopefully found more happiness. The final five are my toughest and I’ve saved them for Monday.

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3 Responses to BEING HAPPY (part 3)

  1. Anna Stewart says:

    The picture that goes with 9 made me laugh…and reread to make sure I hadn’t read it wrong! Lol! Lots of good advice. I have a tendency toward the blame game. I always have to stop myself and step back from that default. And you’re right…blame is just a trap…you get so busy with “why” things aren’t working out that you fail to do anything to fix the situation. Hope your day is happy! 🙂

  2. joanraymondwriting says:

    “Live your life impressing yourself” Wow, what an amazing thought. It takes the pressure off. I only leads to feeling better about everything. Love it. Love all the pictures you’ve found for each item. Thanks again for the reminder that we have the power we need to be happy – we just need to get in the habit of using it.

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