We are all talking about spying, and being spied on. We hear about Metadata-Banks loaded with conversations, emails, tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, etc. And of course we know about “drones.”

The first time I heard the word drone was in science class when the teacher was explaining bee hives. The male bee is a drone. Then I found out the sound of a bagpipe was a drone. In the ‘70s there was an English rock band called Drone. Then is the ‘90s and Australian band appeared called The Drones. Finally in 1998 the word pops up again in Star Trek Voyager, Season 5, and Episode 2 entitled: DRONE

Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you like to see the latest and greatest “drone?” A recently released video shows us what “Argus” can see from 17,000 feet. Unbelievable!

How many mega-pixels does your smart phone camera have?  Is it as much as 10 mega-pixels? Would you believe the new Argus camera has 1.8 Billion Pixels?

Check out this video, Argus is just too cool.

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