White Men Can’t Twerk

I forgot one word in the title…sorry…I meant old white men can’t twerk. (Sorry Magic Mike) Where in the hell was I when another word entered our dictionary? The video award show had lots of comments in the press about Miley Cyrus “twerking” all over the stage. I honestly thought they meant she puked or something even worse.
I drive through some of the seedy streets of Bakersfield and I do see a lot of people “tweeking.” I certainly know the meaning of that word…but twerking?

My google search sent me to a You Tube video entitled “How to Twerk.”  Great…I could find out what it was and how to do it.
Today I can’t move my hips…I believe each hip is out of joint. OK…go ahead and you do it and get back to me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgoyVRO0A0E

Feel better now?  Anyway, what ever happened to the simple word “grind?” That’s what we used to call it.
Speaking of the “Video Awards.”  So, Justin Timberlake pulls the top down of Janet Jackson (one of the most talented “real” singers in the world) and supposedly a tip of the nip flashed to millions on the Super Bowl. Millions of us were watching and never seen a thing. Evidently small children everywhere were mortified (their parents said so). Anyway, Janet Jackson is condemned to Showperson Hell forever, and Justin Timberlake is now the biggest superstar on the planet…really? Sorry girls, we like to blame you for men’s indiscretions.
Just from the video clips I’ve seen, your children’s heroes danced around mostly nude all night. Miley Cyrus wore a nude bikini and Lady Gaga had on a tiny little thong. Where are the indignant parent’s now? That Super Bowl thing was just 2004, not like it was something from the ‘50s.

Oh, Hanna Montana, you’re so cute and naive…we miss you.  Here is your children’s super hero a few nights ago…whadda you think?
Miley Cyrus

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4 Responses to White Men Can’t Twerk

  1. petalumapete says:

    What do I think?
    I think I want that suit. 🙂

  2. mreldrich says:

    Oh man! This display is something we used to have a fist full of dollars to see. Now it is free on TV. If you get a chance check out “Elders React” on “you tube”.

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