My Fiction is the World’s Reality

Damn, I got snookered again. I’m going to attempt to hit a grand slam—a four bagger—four novels in four years.  It’s coming soon–The National Novel Writing Month is in November. I must write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.  So out of around 300,000 entrants about 20,000 of us were successful last year. I want to make it four in a row.
Now is the time to start gathering ideas, building characters, structuring plots, etc.  Usually by the end of August, at least for the last three years, I have had some kind of idea how to start my story on November 1st.  I never know how it will end.
This year…not a clue.  Every time I think I have a good plot, it actually happens in real life. I just want to write fiction, not a “Dateline” script.

So, my latest idea was a prosecutor becoming involved with a witness and getting in deep over his head in trouble. Now, the story is big California news in real life. We won’t know the outcome for a few more days or weeks of investigation, but what a great movie in the making.

It seems there is a real sexy hot-looking babe up north in Yuba City.  If you drive 2 ½ hours straight east from Yuba City, you’re in the middle of Lake Tahoe.  Drive 45 minutes south of Yuba City and it’s Sacramento. Yuba City is in Sutter County. Sutter County is known for three things. Mr. John Sutter saw the future of agriculture in California and started the first huge agriculture enterprise. Secondly, Mr. John Montgomery held the first patent for an “aeroplane” and piloted the first heavier than air craft. This was more than 20 years before we ever heard of any Wright Brothers. Third…Sutter County was one of only two dry counties in California prohibiting alcohol sales back in the 1890s.

And now Sutter County has got a red-hot scandal going on…and there goes my fiction story turned to real life.

It seems this gal here…Sarah

Sarah, at age 29, was on the witness stand in a murder trial in 2010. She ended up being convicted of being an “accessory” in the death of her boyfriend, Dr. Shin. According to trial records, another boyfriend, Jeff,  (this one was jealous) burst in on Sarah and Dr. Shin having sex, and Jealous-Jeff shot and killed Dr. Shin. It also seems that during the trial the 65-year old Prosecutor of Sutter County, Carl Adams, Prosecutor Adams

(prosecutor for 31 years and the president of the California Prosecutors Association) took a fancy to Sarah. They began an affair. As with so many other lovers of Sarah, she grew tired of the relationship and ended it.

Poor Sarah’s home was just burned to the ground.


The nasty thing is the prosecutor, married, father of three children and a grandfather, lied about having a relationship. However, as usual, those silly cell phone records and text messages caught him telling her how jealous he was of all her other lovers…oh oh.

So far police have cleared two other lovers, are working on two other lovers’ alibis, and looking real hard at prosecutor Adams for the arson charges.

Prosecutor Carl Adams says this is between him and his wife, his pastor and God…where have I have heard that story before?

In the meantime, I must get busy on a new story…fiction this time.

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