Do Something New Today—Play Piano Here

I know how busy you are. Everyone is busy. This is the busiest we’ve ever been, right? Still, we are in charge of how we spend every minute. Screw the boss…he can’t eat you. Enjoy a few minutes doing something you have never done. Maybe you did it when you were a small child and quit doing it.  I’m talking about playing the piano.

child playing piano

Don’t stop reading, you don’t have to take a lesson or do anything hard. This is fun and yet it’s as close to making music as you can come without knowing how to make music. You can play through your mind.

Playing the piano is difficult…I mean if you want to play anything substantial. The wonderful world of “web” has given us some cool things to look at, to hear, to play, to learn, etc.
For those of you who feel daring today, let’s play a couple of piano pieces from the actual music. Your eyes will allow you to follow the piano player as he plays each note. The hard part of playing the piano is your eyes are following notes for the left hand and notes for the right hand. The notes are different and are stuck at different times…it can be confusing. I suggest you just follow the top line of music, which is the melody that you are already familiar with.  You know that notes stuck up above the music staff are high notes and the notes below the staff are the low ones. Let your eyes and ears follow along and when you are finished you will feel like you actually played the song.  You can imagine being able to do that…if you had years of lessons and practice…but you will be able to imagine something you never thought you could do.

The first song is from the popular TV show…Game of Thrones. The music is on the left and the pages turn automatically.  The pianist will be on the right and you can allow your eyes to stare at the music notes but your peripheral vision will see his hands actually play them. Just imagine it’s your hands.  When you finish this one, it’s time for an amazing experience.
Here’s the Game of Thrones….enjoy:

Now let’s get physical. We’re going to play one of the toughest pieces imaginable…some Sergei Rachmanioff.  You can do it…let your mind play every note.  I know when I “mind-play” this piece I’m mentally exhausted but emotionally exuberant at the finish….just follow the top line. If you try to follow both hands, you could become a babbling incoherent emergency patient.

Here we line….play:

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