Charge It!

My UPS driver is more familiar to me than my mail-lady. That’s not a good thing. Buying too much crap. Yes, I’m an Amazon Prime dude. The thing that’s so cool about my UPS driver is his electric UPS truck.  I love it. It looks just like the standard UPS truck.

Vehicle developer EVI and UPS spent two years of research and development to get it just right. There are now 100 UPS electric trucks in three cities in California and we are one of those lucky cities. This fleet will save the use of 126,000 gallons of fuel per year. They are equipped with Alcoa lightweight aluminum wheels and help the vehicles have a 75 mile range.

UPS Electrics

Even more exciting is the awesome Tesla Model S.  It deserves every “prop” it is receiving. A true hot sports car that goes 300 miles between charges.

Tesla Model S

The supercharge stations are being built across the country. California has them everywhere. A supercharge station takes one hour for a full 300 mile range charge.
I like it.
A sedan the same size as the Tesla averages about 22 MPG. Driving 30,000 miles a year and using a gas pump price of $3.80, that totals $5182.00 per year. Using electricity rated at the cost of eleven cents per kilowatt hour, the total cost of “fuel” is $934.00 for 30,000 miles.   One more great selling feature…only ONE moving part in the motor.  How many does your car have? It’s also possible to hook up the 240 watt home charging station with a complete solar panel unit.

We are finally evolving away from fossil fuels. The transition will be meshed with the computer- driven car that’s only a few years in the future. Get in, set the GPS unit to my destination, open my Kindle or watch a movie in comfort and quiet with no carbon footprint.

Thanks to UPS, Elon Musk of Tesla, and all the great innovators that are busy doing something besides designing apps.

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5 Responses to Charge It!

  1. Mary says:

    So if “California has them (supercharging stations) everywhere”, where are the ones in Bakersfield? I have a friend who has Tesla set for delivery April 2014, but they live up in Silicon Valley.

    • bakoheat says:

      I think there’s about a dozen of the “super charging” stations in California. One just opened in Wasco this week. There’s plenty in the bay area.

      • fiddlrts says:

        Only a traveling salesman would consider 30,000 a year normal 😉

        The supercharging stations are intended (for now) to be spaced so that you can take a trip between major cities along the most common routes. Here is Tesla’s interactive map of where the stations are, and where the are intended to be placed in the next few years.

      • bakoheat says:

        Thank you kind sir, for doing the grunt work. I don’t need a charger yet for my seven year old Civic. 30,000 miles a year was just half of my average for about 22 years. The first 15 were on smooth, well-maintained CA freeways. Now, every time I just go over the grapevine I need an alignment. Speaking of Tesla, a few of their parts suppliers are having difficulties with supplying on time parts. They forecasted a 3000 car run and so far have sold 21,000…CA sales were more than all the other sports cars combined.

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