Pirates vs A’s

It would cost baseball millions upon millions if those two teams met in the World Series. Two TV demographics that make MLB cringe. It would probably be the smallest TV audience ever…ever.
I think it would be so cool. The Pirates play in one of the most beautiful baseball stadiums in the country. Nobody knows that because they are never seen.

Pirates Baseball StadiumIt’s been 21 years since they made the playoffs. The sights and sounds of “We Are Family” are but a distant memory. But now the Pirates have returned and hopefully can do some good. Out of 30 major league teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates payroll is 19th.

The A’s play in the ugliest place on earth to hold a baseball game.

Oakland StadiumBut, the Oakland Athletics, once again playing Billy Beane magic (money-ball), have the 27th lowest salaries in baseball. While the Dodgers and Yankees are in the ¼ of a billion dollar range, the A’s barely pay over $60 million. That would pay about two guys on the Dodgers.

It is good to see the Dodgers back in the running. They have thousands of fans here in Bakersfield and on a good traffic day I can get parked and in my seat with a cold beer in less than two hours. Yet, a fan expects a team paying two hundred and twenty million bucks to a team loaded with stars to be Number One at the end.

I like the underdogs.

Las Vegas says it will be the Detroit Tigers vs Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers are 5/2 to win it all. Detroit is 5/1.

My underdogs not so good….The A’s are 9/1 and the Pirates are 18/1

Place your bets.

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2 Responses to Pirates vs A’s

  1. fiddlrts says:

    I would watch an A’s / Pirates series, although I am rooting for the Dodgers. (Hey, I grew up in LA, so I am not a bandwagon fan.) Nice to see the Yankees out of it for a change, too. I agree about the stadiums. Pittsburgh looks like a great place to see a game.

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