Real Autumn Leaves

It’s Back Home Again in Indiana time for me. Yes, I’m from there—like many people—from there. You know you’re from Indiana when you know many people who have hit a deer. I know I’m from Indiana because I can spell and pronounce Terre Haute. I know I’m from Indiana because, like many, de-tassling was my first job. You know you’re from Indiana if being called a “Pork Queen” is an honor. I know I’m from Indiana because I admit to cow tipping.

Right now our weather in Bako and Indiana are almost alike. They will still have much more humidity and rain—ugh—but the day time highs will be in the 70s for a few more weeks. However the night times are chilly already. Low 40s are common so the suitcase packing today is weird. Some short sleeves, some long sleeves, some sweaters and a jacket. I also know I’m from Indiana because many days (in Indiana) I’ve turned the AC off and the Heater on. The weather really screws with your mind.

It’s been 32 years since I’ve seen the fall season in Indiana. Early tomorrow morning I’ll head east (head east, old man, head east!) and spend the next four weeks visiting family and friends and checking out the beautiful autumn leaves. Here in Bako, we love to drive 45 minutes up in the mountains and see the beauty of fall. Our own trees here in town get  colorful but it’s not like the trees in Southern Indiana, where my son lives. The vividness of the reds, yellows and purples are spectacular. I have a hard time driving and looking. I have some photos from other folks who live there and I’m sharing them with you today. This year they predict the best time for “leaf watching” will be around the third week of October. I will be in Southern Indiana then and looking forward to the beautiful sights. Some trees are already turning color: the stunning reds, yellows and oranges are showing on the sassafras, walnut, sycamore, tulip poplar an beech trees now.

One more Indiana quote from a great comedian who grew up in Indiana, Mr. Jim Gaffigan. He says, “Indiana is not like New York where everyone’s like ‘We’re from New York and we’re the best’ or ‘We’re from Texas and we like things big.’ It’s more like ‘We’re from Indiana and we’re going to move.’

My next post is coming from my birth-town, Lafayette, Indiana. Enjoy some autumn leaves. These scenes are a few miles from my son’s home.
Brown County IndianabrowncountyfallcolorsPorter County Indiana

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2 Responses to Real Autumn Leaves

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Gorgeous pictures.

  2. Catherine says:

    I grew up in upstate NY. These beautiful fall colors are the one thing I still truly miss every year.

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