Adventures in Toyland (again)

Once again I have journeyed to Adventure-land with my long-time-buddy, Curt. Eighteen months ago I met him at his lake-house on Lake Boggs in Southern Indiana. He gave me incredible training and then turned me loose on his souped-up See-doos. It was the first time I ever flew across water at 65 mph and did amazing wave jumps and thrilling turns. There may still be some video up at the blog I posted then: Old Friends New Toys

I couldn’t wait to see what new toys and adventures Curt had cooked up for me this trip. I only had 30 hours with him but WOW did we fill the time. I arrived at noon, Monday, and he was ready to start my intensive training. Those who know Curt understand there is a different meaning for the word intensive when you’re describing him. Maybe hyper-intensive.  I had no idea what his plans for us were, but I knew it would be somewhat difficult, scary and unbelievably fun.
So, five minutes after hugs he leads me to the big barn where most adult sports toys live. There was a small trailer parked to the side and he opened it and rolled two Segways down a ramp. Cool! I love seeing folks on Segways, but they are rare, and I’m certainly not watching “Mall Cop” again.   My first time trying to just stand on the thing was akin to getting on a bucking bronco that is already bucking. Curt has patience and I’m stubborn so it was just a little while and I was cruising around the asphalt. We went for a test run together down the paved road for a mile or so and my ankles, calves and thighs were fighting each other. It didn’t look like exercise…it is. I told him I was feeling pretty confident with the thing and we would ride it again on Tuesday. He smiled strangely.

On Tuesday morning, three hours north of us, Muncie, Indiana was getting over an inch of snow. We were more comfortable at 39 degrees. After we unplugged our re-charged Segways (they go at least 22 hours without a charge), Curt explained where we were going to be Segwaying. Ah, there was that strange smile again… We would be doing off-road trail riding, hill climbing and stream fording.  No kidding! Just learning to ride one is weird. It’s difficult to trust a gyro and a computer to work in unison and not allow your body to fight them like it wants to. But, I’m stubborn. I did it.  This is me coming down a trail and fording a small stream.


We also drove around the grassy edge of the lake surrounded by autumn colored bloom.

Next on the agenda was to take out the prowler on some county roads and learn to do controlled slides, pace driving and trying not to scream. Here’s the prowler. It’s a man-sized Hot Wheels Car just like my kids used to play with. Believe me, it’s NOT a toy.



I found out it was possible, for Curt, to take a curve marked “20 mph” at 85 mph. It’s now 24 hours later that I write this, and my gallons of adrenaline are still slowly leaving my body.

But the trip couldn’t be complete until we visited our old buddy, Bill. Bill lives in a “dome-house” and makes bird houses all day, every day. His dome house contains 1600 hanging bird houses, twinkling lights and little butterflies all over the place.  It also has a piano. I sat down and played and sang some blues for Bill.
birddome1Outside Bill has over 2600 bird houses. He also has 22,000 painted rocks which took 1034 cans of Rustoleum to pain this year. I can’t make this shit up.


Next year’s adventure won’t be mysterious, because I think Curt wanted me to think about it for a year. I think I’m already chickening out. He gave me this preview “feel.” The quad is his personal ride, but he lets it sit in the showroom of his business. There’s only five of these models in the world.

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3 Responses to Adventures in Toyland (again)

  1. Catherine says:

    you have such incredibly eccentric friends…..and I think you are having way too much fun back there.

  2. fiddlrts says:

    I fully intend to be eccentric when I grow up.

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