That’s 220 years ago, 100 years before my grandparents were born. I recently read that the great Paganini made his debut that year. He was 11 years old. At age seven he switched to violin after becoming quite good on the mandolin he had been playing since he was five. While researching some amazing things about Niccola Paganini, I became more interested in that particular year, 1793. There was another big outbreak of yellow fever. It killed over 5000 people in Philadelphia. Over 20,000 folks fled the city. The winter frost finally killed the mosquitoes and the epidemic went away. It would be another century before they even knew that mosquitoes were the carriers of yellow fever.

We were a brand new nation. George Washington was just starting his second term in office. He held his first cabinet meeting in late February and took office on March 4th, which was the customary start time back then. Our revolution had succeeded and our new Democracy was working through its early stages.
Geo WashingtonHowever, things were just getting hot and heavy in France. They were sick of the monarchs and they started their new year, 1793, by guillotining Louie XVI. His widowed wife, the famous Marie Antoinette was executed in the fall, and his mistress, Madame du Berry was executed in December. It was not a good year for royalty in France.
Marie AntoinetteMy choice for the best happening of 1793 was in Canada. They passed the “Act Forbidding Slavery.”  I guess we weren’t paying attention.

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