Elon is Here

Cal State Bako has a Distinguished Speaker Series. The series is designed to bring speakers from around the world who have had national or international significance. Tonight, I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing Mr. Elon Musk.
Elon Musk
He’s one of my current heroes. I love his Tesla automobile.  He’s a true entrepreneur who sees problems and builds companies to solve them. The problems he goes after are environmental, social and economic. The Tesla is the first car ever to get Five Stars in every category making it the safest car in America.Tesla Model S

Musk has California covered with charging stations, (always FREE) and the supercharger (FREE) will completely charge in 30 minutes giving you a 200 mile range. By the end of this year the charging centers will cover America’s highways, located near restaurants and shopping areas. For those in a huge hurry, who want to pay, like they do now for gas, that person can do a 90 second complete battery swap.  Very cool.
Tesla super charging stationsElon Musk has also developed and designed the Space Exploration Technologies company (SpaceX). This is the first private company to successfully launch and dock a spacecraft with the international space station. His third company, Solar City, is converting thousands of home-owners to solar at prices that were thought impossible five years ago.   Elon Musk is also a trustee of the X Prize Foundation, which is promoting renewable energy technologies.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Tesla company announced it has ramped-up production in its Fremont, CA plant to 5500 cars per quarter. Musk also announced on Tuesday he has plans ready to build a giant battery factory.

Not to be overlooked, Mr. Musk’s first huge success….he co-founded Pay Pal.

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One Response to Elon is Here

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    Mr. Musk sounds like an amazing speaker. Although I’ve heard of several of his successes, I didn’t know much about the man behind them. Great post!

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