Random Acts of Unkindness

I constantly hear people wanting to turn the clock back. Why? It’s usually some bullshit answer about American Values, Family Values or Freedom. Turn the clock back one minute, one year, one century or one millennium and you will not find any of those things in more abundance then now. Every minute before this minute there were far less morals and much less liberty. Throughout our American past, huge groups of people were shunned, cheated, massacred or enslaved. It was usually for lust of land, minerals, water or prejudice. The genocide of our Native Americans was for all of the above.

But now, 2013, there is other reasons to kill Indians. The tribe members who are connected to Casinos are making pretty good bucks. There ought to be a way to get that money. One guy here in Bako thought he had it figured out. Just be kind to one of them and find a way to get those nice plump monthly casino checks. Now this guy hadn’t made many good decisions in his life before he made this current doozy. He did two years for first-degree burglary in 1990, and then barely out of prison, stole a car and did another three years.

He befriended a Native American five years ago. He was kind to him and talked the Indian into living with him and his wife. The Indian didn’t stay very long. Supposedly the Indian moved out and joined some relatives far away. Yeah, it was way far away.

This guy, (rather not use his name till the trial is over) wasn’t the nicest husband and wifey suspected he was cheating on her. She figured she could bust him by planting a small digital recorder in the kitchen. She would catch him calling his “side” sweetie. After listening to the recording of her husband, she thought the police might be interested in listening also. What the police heard was not the cheating husband talking to his sweetie, it was just her husband talking to his gardener. This is what he was saying on the recording.
“Hey man, I need your help. I’m going to give you thousands of dollars and make you rich if you help me move a body out of my back yard. I had to knock off this Indian dude four years ago and now his family is missing him and the police might come digging around my yard. I want to divide him in half and plant one half at my ranch and the other half at my other property. Go buy a truckload of manure at Home Depot and we’ll meet at my house tonight.”
It didn’t take the cops long to start their own digging.
gravediggerThey found both halves.

This very unkind caretaker had been cashing those plump casino checks (between 10K & 20K every month) for five years. Approximately enriched himself over $600,000.

Bye bye dude. Can’t wait to see what you plan after your next parole in at least 25 years from now.

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3 Responses to Random Acts of Unkindness

  1. mreldrich says:

    Interesting what people will do to another human just so they can have a little more “stuff”. Pretty sad Dan. Good read.

  2. fiddlrts says:

    When the trial is over, you can use this as a plot for your next novel. Or is it too unbelievable?

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