From Bad to Great

When I was a kid in the ‘50s, having a cold Nestle’s Quik after school was a favorite treat. There were plenty of goofy bad shows on TV and many commercials were hokey. Nestle’s Quik was the worst. Yet, they were appealing to goofy kids like me. Jimmy Nelson was a pretty bad ventriloquist but he got a show featuring his puppets, Danny O’Day and his stupid dog, Farfle.

Danny Oday

The Nestle’s Quik song has rattled in my brain since then, and the magic of YouTube brings it back:

Fast forward all these decades and Nestle’s has become an empire. This Swiss-owned company owns more companies than I can list here. Right here in Bakersfield they have bought out the Dreyer Ice Cream Company. It’s now Nestle’s Dreyer Ice Cream and it’s the biggest Ice Cream Factory in the country.

Nestle decided it wasn’t only people food they were interested in and they bought the giant Purina Company. I have to give profs to Nestle on improving their commercials. The Nestle Quik commercial has evolved into this brilliant “Rube Goldberg” commercial for their Dog Food called Beneful. I have never seen in it on my TV but thanks to YouTube I’ve enjoyed it many times. It’s always cute:

Have a great weekend.

This is the crucial tough grind-it-out time for us NaNoWriMo writers. If we are on schedule we should have somewhere between 25 to 30,000 words finished on our novels. Now, the crucial middle, where most books break down and go flat is staring us in the face and we must plug on. The ending, 50,000 words, seems impossible today.

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