Who you gonna believe?

Even though I always have my head in a book, I still like to read magazines. Throughout my fifty years of magazine reading, one thing remains constant…ads. Big ads. Bold ads. They still have a message for me. IF YOU WANT TO GAIN ETERNAL LIFE, BUY THIS BRAND.
Currently I see ads for prescription drugs from A to Z. There are currently 56 prescription drugs advertised on national television. At least a dozen in every magazine.  Alavert takes care of allergies and Zicam will handle my cold. Liquor companies love ads and now they are all adding silly stuff to the booze to get us to increase their market share. Jack Daniels has added honey, Jim Beam has spiced cinnamon.

Even coffee companies are trying new ways to compete with Starbucks. Maxwell House is asking everyone to add a spoon of their new International Flavored “instant” coffee to the black cup of coffee they are about to drink. Their new ad states, “Who are you going to spoon with?”…ugh.

Let’s go back to the good old days of my early magazine ads. They knew a couple things. #1..a women’s place was in the home. #2 If they lied to you enough you would start believing it.
Why else why I buy a Van Heusen tie?
Van Heusen Mans WorldNow let’s sell some coffee and teach your wife how to buy it….
chase and sanborn spankAnd of course the lies….let’s hear how healthy cancer sticks are…..
Doctors with Camels
Santa Smoking Lucky Strike

What?  You don’t believe doctors?  Or Santa? Then let’s get a “B” actor to sell you some cigs.
Ronald Reagan ChesterfieldOf course beer is something I’ve enjoyed over the years, and the ads have been over the top. Now, we have very creative TV ad-men making us laugh with the “Bud” commercials, “Coors” commercials, etc. But before that, my early magazine ads wanted people to know how healthy beer really was for a person.   Like this….
BlatzMany of today’s younger generation don’t understand why there are campaigns to cut way back or quit the cola drinks. They are one of the leading causes of diabetes and obesity in American. Do you ever wonder why?  Could it be we got hooked when we were kids or new parents?  Check it out…
Baby drinking CokeSpeaking of kids getting hooked. As an omen of things to come, good old Motorola decided to get into the “education” business with this ad……
motorola for kidsSo we listened…we bought…we used.  Our kids got smarter with TV. Our babies and mothers got healthier with beer. Our kids got healthy and skinny with early use of colas. And like our doctors and actors, our lungs loved the great taste of cigarettes.

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One Response to Who you gonna believe?

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Those are hilarious. Let me add one of my favorites, from the era when it was acceptable to advertize hard drugs for kids: http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18p5h9vkeus7fjpg/ku-xlarge.jpg

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