Christmas on the water

As my friends and their families back east are gathering around their trees and tables today, most seem happy they got their White Christmas. I’m glad for them. As my friends here, out west, gather today, we are happy we didn’t. For many of us it was one of the reasons we left there. We love our white stuff in the mountains where we can visit it when we want, if we want. Enough of the winter bashing, I wish all of you, east and west a Merry Christmas.

The most unique thing about my California Christmases (Yes, even in Bakersfield) is the home and yard decorations. More homes per block in every neighborhood, rich or poor, have strung lights, yard lights and window lights than any of the neighborhoods in the Midwestern town I spent 38 Christmases in. I mean who wants to get out in the frigid air and run lights around the house? But when it’s sixty degrees it’s a snap.

For almost eighteen years I spent my Christmas season at the edge of the Pacific. In Newport Beach hundreds of homes are turned into lighted Christmas castles. And on the harbor, every night, there is a boat parade with each boat turned into a floating lighted Christmas show. I miss seeing that the last ten years but I’ll get to see the homes when we head down for our New Year’s Eve party in Newport Beach next week. Here are some of the boats my friends sent me pictures of this year:NB Christmas boat parade 2

NB Christmas boat parade 3

NB Christmas boat parade

In case you’re wondering about other Christmas celebrations on the water, here is what is happening this week in Venice, Italy. This is their annual Christmas Regatta on the Main canal. Six months from today we’ll be floating there too.

Christmas Regatta Grand Canal Venice

Merry Christmas.

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2 Responses to Christmas on the water

  1. mreldrich says:

    Merry Christmas Dan. I am on land for Christmas this year.

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