Sad to know…

We had a great Christmas at our house, but I’m sad to find out that Christmas had trouble showing up this year due to war fatigue. Fox news has spent nine years, starting every year at Thanksgiving, telling me there is a war on Christmas. During a commercial break in O’Reilly’s blabbering on about his phony war on Christmas, Fox News wished me and all their viewers a “Happy Holidays.” Damn, Christmas lost.

war on xmas

I also found out a sad but true fact. Elvis Presley had natural dirty blond hair. In 1957 he dyed it to emulate his Hollywood Idol, Tony Curtis.
ElvisIt’s amazing how our parents, who were so stupid when we were young, become so smart as we age. Now, 12 years after my father passed away, I find another thing he told me I thought was BS was actually true. Back in the ‘50s, when I would buy candy bars, one of my favorites was 3 Musketeers. He joked about the bar and how good it used to be. My dad said it was named that for its three flavors, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. He said during the war (WWII) the flavors were scarce and they went to an all chocolate bar. Dad was right!

I’m officially part of this techno generation. In times past, Christmas evening was usually spent with our distended bellies, full of Christmas goodies and cheer, lying around the TV room watching an old time Christmas movie. Not anymore. The bellies and the lying around were the same but the TV screen was now “YouTube” and each of us had our favorites to call out. Most were funny, from “Hitler Rants on Bakersfield” to “Pinky the Cat” (probably watched that five times). It was sad to know that over 300 million hits watched “What does the Fox Say?”   I think it is stupid.

I have a huge Avocado tree in my back yard. Too huge. It was over thirty feet tall and almost impossible to get to the Avocados. We trimmed it way back and once again we are getting ready to do have some wonderful Hass Avocados. I hated to find out that the delicious flesh (and even the pit) is toxic to most species of birds.

Looking in my mirror to trim my facial hair is no longer a fun thing. It was sad to find out that the last President of the United States to have facial hair was William Howard Taft who was also our fattest ever President. Damn! Taft

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3 Responses to Sad to know…

  1. Mary says:

    My father loved Uno bars because they had been around since he was a kid. He was born in 1912. So had Abba Zabbas but he wasn’t fond of those. He told me when he was a child, they put different color stripes down the Abba Zabba bars. You could win money or a free bar. Marketing strategies are interesting.

  2. fiddlrts says:

    The lack of facial hair is distressing. But it’s okay if Hillary decides not to go that route 😉

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