Why Didn’t I Know This Stuff?

Maybe I have too much time on my hands. I’m also a bit weird. I think of things that make me wonder and I turn to wonderful Google and get my answers. I’m not sure if I’m getting smarter or weirder. It started with my last airline flight. I usually leave from LAX. I wondered why I can fly into DEN(Denver), IND (Indianapolis) or ATL (Atlanta) and easily identify what their three-letter code stands for. What is this LA X thing? I found out that in the 30s they went to 3-letter codes and if you were using a two letter code you would add an “X.”  OK. I did find dozens of these added x’s so now I feel better about LAX.

I noticed CVS already has their shelves filled with Valentine crap. We humans aren’t the only romantic types. Every spider builds a web on its first try (inherited behavior) but some male spiders spin their silk around some food and offer it as a gift to a female spider. Sexy spiders!

I understand that botanically grapes, apples, peaches and tomatoes are all fruit. However, the US Supreme Court, in 1893, (Nix v Hedden) decided that tomatoes were vegetables and subject to a vegetable tariff. Their reasoning on the case was that tomatoes have to be vegetables because they are always served with the main course, not as a dessert.

In 1978 Kim Basinger did a TV commercial for a shampoo that had beer in it. It was called “Body on Tap.” Anybody still have a bottle of this?
body on tap shampooAnagrams can be fun and/or silly. According to “mental floss”…Many people believe that Pepsi-Cola, an anagram for “Episcopal” was actually what the drink was named for. If this is true, then the “Presbyterians” should be proud they got their name from “Britney Spears.”
In much younger days, especially fraternity rush party days, I thought that the simple act of “barfing” was God’s way of telling me I had too much to drink. Now I read about a section of our brain called the “bilateral vomition center.” It receives electrical stimulation from four different receptor areas and it makes the decision to vomit. Sorry, God.

There was a wedding in 1991 I wish I had been invited to. The guy who was the voice of Mickey Mouse married the gal who was the voice of Minnie Mouse. Why didn’t I know that? That’s so cool.

Thanks again to “mental floss” for teaching me the word “Aposiopesis.” It is the name for a rhetorical style of deliberately not finishing a sentence. Why I’ll be a d……

In the mid-’90s I had my one and only “hole in one.” As is the custom I had to buy my fellow club members a drink. We had a pretty large golf club in Newport Beach. I think it cost me about $160 or so. In Japan they actually have an insurance policy one can buy to cover that bill if and when you get a hole in one.

I like to pepper my food. Years ago I wouldn’t have been so wasteful. Europeans used black pepper as a currency at one time. The Chinese used it to cure cholera. Attila the Hun demanded 3000 pounds of black pepper and for that he promised to stop destroying Rome.

Do your feet hurt? It’s no wonder. I read that 25% of all the bones in your body are in your feet. Sit down and rest.
foot bones

I’m so happy that Teddy Roosevelt gave the name of his residence “The White House.” Before that it was called the “Presidential Palace.”   UGH!

Finally I found out that Duffel, Belgium was a town where a special heavy cloth was made. Yep, they made it into a bag.

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2 Responses to Why Didn’t I Know This Stuff?

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Yet another reason to love TR.
    The insurance one made me laugh.
    And the Episcopal/Presbyterian one.

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