What do YOU call your parents?

I was having a conversation with some folks at a party over the holidays. One of the ladies was talking about her late father and some incident that had occurred and she referred to her late father as “daddy.” She went on many times to talk about her daddy said this and her daddy did that. I hadn’t heard that expression for some time. My cousin has always talked about her father as “daddy.” I see nothing wrong with calling a parent whatever you want. I remember only calling my mother, “mother,” when I was pissed off. “Yes, Mother!” I have and do call her mom. I called my dad, dad. I don’t ever remember calling my father, “father.” Once in a while I would call him pop. One of my daughters usually calls me pop.

Some children call their parents, momma and poppa.

What did you, or do you, call your parents. Have any idea where that name came from?

I decided I wanted to know, the origin didn’t seem clear. The internet has all the answers…except that one. What I found out was, nobody or no dictionary knows for sure either. It seems it just progressed from baby talk…ma ma ma ma, da, da, da, da. They became mommy and daddy and later, mom and dad.

Mom was first found written in the 1800s and was probably shortened from “mamma” which was recorded in the 1550s. Dad was first recorded in the 1500s.

The good news is when I wasted all that time trying to find those name originations, I also found out other wonderful things that have made my life better. Here are a few I’ll share:

I found out how to take off a tee shirt in two seconds and fold it in five seconds. Check it out:



Since the Super Bowl is almost here and I’m hoping the 49rs get there again, I know that chicken wings will be part of the party. I just found out the proper way to eat chicken wings.


And finally, this is very cool. I love cupcakes but I HATE eating them, especially in public. What a mess!  There’s usually more icing on my face then in my stomach so I also found the proper way to eat cupcakes like a gentleman. And I will!


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