An Inconvenient Ignorance

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Obviously everyone connected with Fox News hated, hates, will always hate Al Gore. Too bad. I hear the unbelievable stupidity of very popular radio and TV commentators saying things like, “Wow, it’s sixteen below zero today, wonder if Al Gore knows this.” And on and on infinitum. I say too bad that Al Gore studied the subject for 35 years and had to write that damn book. It instantly made every AG hater think the subject of “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” a complete hoax. That’s the word I keep hearing…HOAX.
polar votex

I shouldn’t be surprised about that type of thinking. I just saw the “evolution” debate between The Science Guy and The Creation Museum Guy. The Creation Museum, in Petersburg, Kentucky, is the place where humans are riding and taming dinosaurs.  They believe the earth was totally destroyed by the great flood 4000 years ago and everything we have now started from the 14,000 creatures Noah had on his big wooden boat.

Might as well have a debate on Gravity…it’s also a popular Scientific Theory.

But enough of my sarcasm. I’ve also made the Climate Change stuff an important part of my knowledge bank, and I’ve read and studied as much as I can. I’ve even read the handful of scientists, most of them financed by fossil fuel entities, who don’t think Climate Change is caused by humans and our carbon footprint.
The USA is less than 2% of our planet Earth (yes, including Alaska) so whatever’s happening at Rush Limbaugh’s home has nothing to do with anything. I found a guy who has a great simple explanation. He’s a little hyper, but his explanation might help you grasp what’s really happening in the atmosphere. It’s just four minutes so hold on:

Enjoy the weekend, even if the Polar Vortex has you trapped inside. That’s why there is wine.

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