We Got Hives

That’s right, an outbreak of hives all over Kern County. It’s big news here and I’m surprised most people don’t know about it. In fact, the latest reports show over 85% of all hives in the United States is right here surrounding me. The last count is around two million. That’s a lot of hives for a Central Valley population of seven million folks.

The good news is there’s nobody itching although you may get stung if you wander around the almond orchards. The almond trees are in full bloom as our spring has sprung. The outbreak of hives are the ones full of bees.

almond trees in bloom

almond blossoms
There are over 850,000 acres of almond trees and each acre needs two to three hives. Every hive has approximately 25,000 bees. If we figure two and one half hives for every acres, that is 2,125,000 hives now spread out in the orchards. My little calculator doesn’t go that high, so I can only guess that’s around 52 billion bees buzzing around.

bee hives in almond orchards

When they get their fill of almond blossoms, they will extend their California working vacation and take part in the citrus blooms.

I have heard many locals say this is one of the most beautiful displays of blooms they have ever seen. This is the only positive spin we can put on the horrible drought. Rain discolors petals and believe me, there has been no rain and no discoloration. We all prefer some wet stuff but appreciate the beauty we’re getting without it.

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5 Responses to We Got Hives

  1. Mary says:

    I pass a staging area for the hives every day. They have been moving them in and out of there for weeks now. I read or heard somewhere they are cutting off the blossoms in some trees to stop production to use less water but keep the trees alive. I haven’t seen that happening, but still wonder if that is possible. I did see lots of trees taken down a few months ago. Hmmmmm.

  2. Catherine. says:

    Drove down Snow Road last weekend and was amazed at the beautiful almond blooms.

  3. clpruett says:

    Drove down Snow Road last weekend and was amazed by the beautiful almond blossoms.

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