Crying from Laughing

Graphics Interchange Format has been around since 1987. In the early days of email and messages we could send smiley faces that winked, moved and stuck their tongue out. The inventor of this short bitmap video format, Steve Wilhite, has always insisted it is pronounced with a soft ‘g’. Jif not Gif.  Both pronunciations are common now. However you want to pronounce it, they are all over Facebook and some are cool and some are corny.

COOL                                                                               CORNY

Cool sign                                  pwave

The really cool thing is some very creative people are making them (they are easy to make) and some are hilarious. This week, the funniest compilation of GIFs I’ve ever seen hit the screen. I literally wiped tears from all the laughing.

Buzzfeed asked their readers to send in a GIF that summed up their first sexual experience. They are now compiled into this hilarious montage. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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