No Rooms at the Inn

We don’t have water. We don’t have rooms. We do have expensive gasoline.

Many thousands are visiting us this weekend– us being the city. We still have one room available in our home so anybody needing a room this week-end– give me a call. I’ll give you a hell of a deal. Just don’t drink any water.

You should carry your own gas cans, because, for whatever reason, the price at the pump seems high.
My son was here three weeks ago and I filled the car up before heading to LAX to pick him up. Gas was 3.39. The next day it was 3.43. Today it is 3.75.  Why?  I’m sure there are hundreds of reasons…mostly lies. Blame it on Putin, or whoever. But the timing is just right to catch the thousands that pour into Bako this weekend and need to fill-er-up.

We have over 13,000 arriving for the State High School Wrestling Championship. Wrestling has always been big in Bako. We turn out state champs, college champs, and Olympic champs. Our last champ, Jake Varner won gold in 2012. Before that he won two NCAA Division I Championships and was two-time state champ from Bakersfield High School.
Jake Varner

We like fast cars too. The great Mears family owns Indy records and Casey is having a great NASCAR year so far. Our own Kevin Harvick just won the Phoenix NASCAR race last Sunday.
The Profit On CNBC 500

But, this weekend the speed is all on a small four-block patch of asphalt. Our famous March Meet at Famoso Raceway starts this Thursday and ten to twelve thousand folks are expected to line the straight-a-way cheering on the pre-1974 Funny Cars and Dragsters.

March Meet

So, about 25,000 people are crowding into Bako this week-end. If they don’t have a room, they won’t get one. Many will get to sample the incredible Basque restaurants, line-dance at Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace, catch some jazz at a half dozen clubs, and thanks to the recent rainfall, get to breathe real clean air. Temperatures are expected in the mid-70s…perfect for drag racing.

Come on over, just don’t drink any water.

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