I read that John Lennon’s 1975 tune, “Number Nine Dream” peaked on the charts at #9. I then read that Prince’s 1993 single, “Seven” peaked on the charts at #7. I’m just finishing the last verse for my new single, “Two.” (I’m not greedy)

In the roaring ‘20s, crossword puzzles were so popular that women’s clothing, jewelry and shoes all adopted the motif. The crossword thing must still be big because here is “Enigma” who is making a club appearance in Bako this week.

I asked my Mom what she was giving up for Lent this year. She said, “Cigarettes and Sex.”

Sometimes there are amazing historical facts that happen during our lifetime and its decades later that historians talk about them. I want it known that an amazing thing happened in my lifetime. Only one man in history was President and Vice President of the USA and never elected to either office…Gerald Ford.

Most kids learn their ABCs to the same melody as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Last week, I was falling asleep to classical music from KVPR (Valley Public Radio) and heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It was beautiful. I woke my wife and said, “Hey, what is this?” She said, ”Mozart, dummy, now go to sleep.” Okay, I learn something every day.

On this date in history, a huge change was made to the game of Baseball. It was decided that a game would be nine innings instead of nine runs.

The automobile was a new thing in 1909 and on this date back then, the mayor of Cincinnati announced to the city council that women were not physically fit to operate automobiles.
Also on this date in history: Monopoly was invented…1933, Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians released their first big hit, Auld Lang Syne…1939…AND EVERY YEAR AFTERauld lang syne

Fifty years ago, on the date, The Beatles had the Billboard Number One spot with “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Two weeks later, Number one was “She Loves You.” Then, three more weeks, the Number One song was “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

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2 Responses to QUICKIES

  1. Pridemoreski says:

    Looks like “Enigma” likes jigsaw puzzles too.

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