Read Speed

I have always loved reading books– Mystery novels, biographies, history, political, economics, science (mostly geology and physics), great works of literature, religion and educational works (on writing, options trading and movie making).
Child loving book

I love magazines. I subscribe to Esquire, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, The Sun, Free Inquiry and Wired.

I also follow nineteen bloggers and keep up with at least a dozen websites.
I also write this blog three times a week, finishing up my fifth novel and almost through with the final re-write of Novel #1. My days are busy.

Guess What?  I can’t keep up. My to-be-read shelf has 17 novels and fourteen magazines I haven’t started yet.
Book Pile

But, now all that may change, thanks to a Boston-based software developer, SPRITZ. Very soon they are going to announce their new wearable technology to be marketed with Samsung. In a very short period of “learning” I will be able to read a novel in 90 minutes. YES!

They have been working and tinkering with this app for three years and it seems ready. They have determined we have an Optical Recognition Point (ORP) to “make-out” words. This ORP is just to the left center of each word. So, they can have every word of a novel fly across the screen with its “ORP” perfect for our eyes. You suddenly are reading at 350 words a minute (40% faster than most people). Then move up to 500 words per minute. In fact you can check it out for yourself at this website.

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