Take your Medicine

The best medicine is laughter, and there are many different avenues to take which produces a laugh. Not a smile, mind you, I’m talking a good belly-laugh. I like a good joke told by a good joke-teller.
laughing seniors
They are getting fewer in number since email and texting arrived. 95% of all my jokes are printed. That’s too bad.
Stand-up comedy is still big, and that’s our only source now for live joke-telling. Most of the stand-ups make fun of “real life” situations and don’t tell the good old fashioned punch-line stories.

So, my post today, I hope, is giving you a good belly laugh to take into this wonderful weekend. It looks like most of us in the USA will be outside…finally. Spring is closer for some and here for a lot of us. That alone brings a smile.

British Humor has always cracked me up: Monty Python and Benny Hill when I was younger to Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Steve Coogan today.
YouTube is now the place where most laughs are created. A BBC creation called “walk on the wild side” combines our love of animals with crazy British humor. Over 12 million people have watched these wacky videos. I hope you are one of the 7.5 billion folks who haven’t seen this yet.



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