Please Please Me Please

I read that a female ferret, after going into heat, will die if she doesn’t mate. She will stay in heat until she finds that lucky guy-ferret, but if she doesn’t the build-up of estrogen makes her anemic and she dies. Obviously I allowed my mind to wander (and wonder) what the world would be like if our species had a similar trait. Guys would be sneaking into their homes and padlocking their gates with loaded guns while women ganged up to hog-tie guys in order to save their own lives. Some men would become very rich. Viagra stock would quadruple. Women would be robbing banks to pay men so they wouldn’t have to kill them. But, of course they would tie them up and hold them captive because that old “heat” would be coming around again before you know it. Nothing would get done at the office. Obesity would end in one month. There would be 10 billion people on earth by next year. It could be a disaster.  I believe I would take my chances.

After thinking of that possible “other” world, I read we were coming up on the 50th anniversary of a phenomenon in music history. Never before has a single act monopolized the Billboard Singles Charts as the Beatles did in April of 1964. They occupied the top Five Hits.
5) Please Please Me
4) I Want To Hold Your Hand
3) She Loves You
2) Twist and Shout
1) Can’t Buy Me Love

If we did live in that strange horny woman’s world, those songs would probably be the Top Five all the time forever and ever.
Horny Devil Woman

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One Response to Please Please Me Please

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Are you sure you aren’t thinking of Vulcans? 😉

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