Writerly Reflections

A wonderful writer from WordPress, Krista, wrote about her origins as a writer. She told of her early fascination with books and how Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis and other writers brought fantasy alive in her young mind. She wanted to create and write her own amazing books.
Krista challenged me to write about my own origins as a writer.
baby writingI too was fascinated with books from age five. I loved getting lost in the “stacks” at the huge library looking at titles to read–and playing hide and seek. I can still hear the stern librarian issue her prolonged…Shhhhhhh…Shush! I couldn’t wait to take my new books home and become one of the Hardy Boys, helping to solve another deep mystery. I joined them in an atmosphere of adventure and intrigue.

Then I would step into a “future” world where books were outlawed and it was a firemen’s job to burn any books they found. Fahrenheit 451 made me a life-long fan of Ray Bradbury. I also loved reading the encyclopedia and read A to Z of the Britannica, Jr. before I was a teenager. Unfortunately I used whatever creative juices I could have channeled into writing devising strategies of passing secret notes, throwing spit-balls and generally trying to drive poor old nuns crazy.

Throughout my life I, like you, would see, hear and experience things I thought would make a great book. We all do that, don’t we?  Someday I’m going to write about that….yeah, sure. But life always seems to get in the way. And not in a bad way. My life-long passion for music opened doors to every possible career a music lover could ever dream of. It provided me a good life and I retired earlier than normal and decided to chase the almighty dollar. After 18 hour days for 18 months, I became an options trader…yuk.  Cold sounding, isn’t it?  My stack of dollars grew in direct proportion to my blood pressure. There was no more passion, no spark.
Stock Trader
In mid-August of 2010, I saw an ad for a local meeting of the California Writers Club. They were having a guest speaker and invited the public to attend. I don’t know why I went, but there was that book in the back of my head…like you.  A young lady from L.A. was speaking about a big writing challenge called NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month). She challenged everyone to enter. The winners were those writers who could start writing on November 1st and complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Something clicked in my brain. I thought I could do it. I rushed home and told my wife I was writing a novel in November. She said, “Go for it.”

I entered, along with three hundred thousand other aspiring novelists, and 20,000 of us did it. I felt euphoric, like running a marathon (If I lost fifty pounds and trained for two years). I did it again the next three Novembers. I now have four novels I’m editing and re-writing, and have started a fifth because I can’t wait for November.

In January, 2012, I started this blog. It gives me another writing outlet. I blogged five days a week for the first six months, and three days a week through today. Today is my 400th post. The number isn’t important, but the passage of time is over-whelming. So much has happened to each of us in those 43 months. I hope your happiness quotient aligns with mine—so far the good times are way ahead.
I thought if we got to know each other well enough, I might ask you to buy one of my books someday…maybe all of them. That day is getting closer.  Thanks for reading.

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9 Responses to Writerly Reflections

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  5. litadoolan says:

    The world of trading looks exciting (from the outside looking in) and full of drama from the outside looking in! (IMO). Enjoyed your post. Full of transformation.

    • bakoheat says:

      Thank you for writing. I’ll be doing a post about options trading…the good and the bad

      • litadoolan says:

        Look forward to that. I think there’s a market for it! I know that stage plays around trading have done well. Caryl Churchill’s ‘Serious Money’ and of course more recently Lucy Prebble’s ‘Enron’.

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