Faceless Friday

You looked in the mirror this morning. To shave, put on make-up, comb your hair, straighten your tie. How did your face look? Same-o, same-o? You hugged the kids before school. You kissed your spouse. What face did they see?

Then your day started again, only this time you had a new face. It was the one the kids stare at as you stand at the white board. Or the one your employees see as you pass through the kitchen. Maybe it was the face trying not to be seen. The face without the report finished, the face not showing the resentment inside, or maybe they see the happy face, the angry face, the blank face.
It’s difficult to make that blank face. Your eyes don’t pay attention to your brain. They flash anger, they hint at resentment, they drip with love. Sometimes you just want your face to be blank. Don’t show feelings, just be. Serious is fine. Serious but not anxious. Serious but not too detached.

The “happy hour” face is almost normal. Your real face. Your fun face. Eyebrow and forehead always raised, eyes wide as the smile. But sometimes the happy hour face flashes a quick nervous look when your eyes glance at the clock behind the bar. Only for a second, but then the fun face is back. happy face

The relationship face is usually a good face. Everyone around you likes your loving, soft, gentle face. You don’t have to mask that face. It has character. But, it’s quick to change and so easy to read by the one who sees your many faces.

If only you could see your own face while you sleep. Dream. Remember.

I now have a way-too-serious face. Time to put on a smile face…

Faceless 2


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