Cause I Said So

That’s pretty lame, isn’t it? I know I’m guilty, but the guilt was from many decades ago. It’s a poor way to defend your justification for whatever. I heard it again today. A father was talking to his kid from his cell. Twice he said, “Cause I said so.”

I guess we parents also call it, “laying down the law.”  I have never heard of a kid accepting that as a good reason. They may follow your “cause-I-said-so” stuff, but only out of fear, not because you stated any valid argument.
angry young boy
Today, like every school-day Wednesday, I’m working with second-graders trying to improve their reading skills. If they can’t learn to read they can’t read to learn. Yet, our crazy English language frustrates me. Sometimes I want to say, “This word is like this cause I said so.”

I have many good friends who teach English. They are my heroes. The language can be weird.

Teacher cartoon at board
The nouns that only have a plural form are messy for kids…and me.  When I use scissors I say, “Give me a pair of scissors, not give me a scissor.” Many tools are the same…pliers, tweezers, tongs, forceps, etc.

Other weird nouns: My shirt is on. My pants are on. My hat is on. My shorts are on. That silly “s” hanging on makes it a plural word, even though it’s a singular object. Levis is a brand name and not plural, but possessive. We still say, “Levis are cool.” That can’t be right, but it’s how we roll. We also deal with pajamas, panties, and briefs. But they make no sense when we say, “Your briefs are showing. Your underwear is showing.”

Then we get to the “mass” nouns. Those are words made up of a lot of stuff, like individualized parts that together have a singular type meaning. Example: sand, sugar, salt, rice.  We say “The rice is cooked. The sugar is here.” (Singular form)

But, we just learn to understand that and along comes the word “suds.” We really should have designated a single soap bubble as a “sud” but we didn’t. So, we have to say, “The suds are everywhere.”

Then we go and break all the rules and drop the “s” hanging on and use words like: Pajama day, panty raid, and scissor kick.

Maybe I shouldn’t worry about our silly language. I’ll just say, “It’s like this kid, because I said so.”

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5 Responses to Cause I Said So

  1. Mary says:

    Hair is the one I always have trouble explaining. My hair is in my face. It is more than one hair, but I say hair. Just makes no sense. It just is.

  2. fiddlrts says:

    George Bernard Shaw, despite his best attempts, never did get the Shavian Alphabet adopted. It would have solved at least some of English’s problems, for what that is worth. Trying to explain the intricacies of English is really a lifetime project.

  3. Mary says:

    Especially communication between women and men, Mr. Shaw.

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