Faceless Friday THREE

Continuing my Facial Fridays, I’m amazed at what we do to our countenance to appease our mirror glances. People have their mugs pulled, tugged and cut upon because, in their opinion, they must maintain a youthful appearance or it’s all over. Kaput. Dust. And then many become almost unrecognizable, some even downright ugly. Whatever happened to Kenny Rogers?
Kenny Rogers

 Kim Novak?
Kim Novak 81 yrs old

 Bruce Jenner??
Bruce Jenner

 Maybe there is only one doctor in Hollywood doing these messed up do-overs, and he only has his first client for a template.

Michael Jackson

 Whatever….have a Faceless laugh

Faceless 6

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One Response to Faceless Friday THREE

  1. fiddlrts says:

    I guess that’s one advantage of never being much to look at. Less temptation to reclaim the glory days that never were.

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