What’s it Going to Be?

Horrible devastation in Arkansas. It’s almost too gruesome to watch the recorded aftermath. It always is when nature strikes with such fury.

After seeing so many folks losing everything they owned, I wondered how I would handle such a situation. Then I made the scenario a question for each of us.

The question is hypothetical so I get to make the rules.

First, don’t worry about your spouse, kids and animals. They are all safe. You have to make a decision to leave your home or apartment with one item and one item only. You have the clothes on your back, you have your wallet or purse with your Id , credit card, cash, etc. Nothing else.

You lose every other material thing you own. You may have one thing. It can be your auto. Maybe your flat screen. Computer?  Safety deposit box? Diamond? Tool Box? Tractor?

As much as I detest phones for their interrupting public events, stealing kid’s communication skills, ruining parenting (especially in restaurants), killing grammar and spelling, etc.—-I would choose my phone.

What about you?  What’s it going to be?woman pondering





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2 Responses to What’s it Going to Be?

  1. fiddlrts says:

    If at home, I am torn between my violin and my computer. (Due solely to the pictures I don’t have backed up on the cloud.) For the office, definitely the computer. Or at least my backup hard drive. The thought of trying to reconstruct my billing from scratch gives me the willies.

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